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How content are you with your content?

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Come on, be honest; this is a safe space. We promise. 

For anyone who is not a natural or can be overcritical when putting pen to paper, it can be a struggle to be happy with what you have produced. 

Not knowing what to say and how to say it using your company's voice can also hinder the quality of the content you create. 

Specifically, this can be a struggle for those who may be making their first foray into writing marketing and comms-focused content for their organisations but find it hard to find their groove to nail the tone or pitch.

When it comes to the tech sector, that task can be complicated further by including technical terminology that can distract or confuse readers from the point of the piece. 

However, whether it's short-form social media posts or much more in-depth reports and whitepapers, the approach to becoming content with what you produce is the same. 

To find out where to start and avoid the common content hurdles, brass neck is hosting a FREE 60-minute online webinar on Wednesday 5th June at 12noon BST. 

Open to anyone to attend, we’ll cover the basics of what to consider when creating killer content for your organisation. 

Register for FREE here.

See you on the 5th!


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