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Are you part of Generation AI?

Updated: May 23

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Ask anyone what the most discussed technologies are right now, and it’d be hard to come by a single person who wouldn’t include artificial intelligence (AI) somewhere in their list. 

This is all despite living in a world where many worry that robots are taking over. 

The simple fact, though, is that AI is here to stay and its use will continue to evolve not only as the technology does (see the recent updates to Chat GPT-4o) but also as comfort levels amongst our generation (and society generally) increase.   

Keeping in mind the benefits the technology will bring rather than worrying about its theoretical potential is a must, as is embracing what will become the new norm. 

Within the world of marketing and communications – and in looking at content creation more closely – it is clear who the AI innovators are and those looking to understand more about the tech. 

For those still on their learning journey, we must challenge ourselves to dabble and learn more about how AI can assist us with the every day to enrich our working lives.  

From quickly learning more about a highly technical concept or ideology to increasing our productivity, at brass neck, we will (where appropriate) use generative AI tools to support what we do.

That’s not to say that we will throw caution to the wind – even as the tech matures, there remain some kinks in the code. We also know that it won’t always be appropriate to use AI tools (especially if it involves client or commercially sensitive data). But we are already encouraged by the good we have seen within the sector more broadly.  

This element of caution is healthy, as we believe that generative AI should enhance what we do as content creators and not replace what makes us unique (and human). Think of it as our assistant rather than our supreme leader. 

But it’s not just about keeping us in a job – it’s for commercial reasons too. For example, a recent report found that half (50%) of consumers can spot AI-generated content a mile off. This may, or may not have an impact on buying decisions.,  

After all, your customer doesn’t want to know Chat GPT’s opinion on a topic, it wants to know what yours is which only comes from decades of experience.

So, while we might be becoming the generation au fait with AI, as content creators, we mustn't become a generation ruled by it.

But then again, only time will tell! It will be a story (and position) that will continue to evolve just as the tech does.

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